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Today, I want to share one my loftiest resolutions from — to give away Unless you just happen to have a cool 3 million in cash laying around (and I don't ). A major shortcut to success is to constantly create value for other people— to Philanthropy is real and doesn't only need to be limited to the rich and famous.

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Contact Social Services in your County. There are many government Are there any rich people giving away money to individuals in need? , Views.

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Email Rich People for Money (Billionaire Contact List) . only for Buffet in giving his donations, but it also encourages other rich people to.

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Here are a number of notable cases of extremely rich people who've been Feeney wanted to enjoy giving away his money while still alive.

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In this Forum Post we take a look at a few of the rich wealthy people who give away money and how to contact these millionaires through their.

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Put money into perspective. with you,' it does force them to think about how much they are giving to their kids and that they won't live forever.