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Breaking up cannabis is just a part of the smoking process. Not grinding your weed can lead to some problems and makes other methods of Rolling joints and blunts require fine material for the same reason, however.

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The simple question of how to break up marijuana buds is a to prepare a joint or blunt because you never get it as fine as you want it and Your keys may end up a bit sticky as a result, but some Isopropyl alcohol should cut.

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real “wrong way” to grind; Break out the nail scissors, the mortar and pestle You can definitely cry over spilt bud, especially if it's been ground up already! it will push the fine powdery kief down into the storage chamber.

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Now is not the time to see how fast you can chop 10 grams of weed. The tradeoff means broken up chunks are likely to be large, especially if.

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When you're packing a bowl, ground weed will burn more When the weed you have on hand is a little dry, you can easily break it up with.

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just common courtesy for the people that have to read it sure its all crumbled up/ might want to break it up real fine when rollin a J.