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Second, you might want to consider rapid fire weapons for this fight. more levels until I had 2 rocket launchers (yes, I am the gun brute class.

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Borderlands 2 #2 Posted by kv (25 posts) - 6 years, 4 months ago You may want to use the container again after killing w4r d3n, as the enemies that.

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W4R-D3N is a constructor miniboss that appears in Borderlands 2. For those having significant trouble defeating W4R-D3N on their first playthrough, where.

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Sep 30, It feels impossible, constant enemy respawns, shield disappears in one hit, two more hits and I'm dead, I don't even get any damage on him at.

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Apr 21, For Warden specifically, you will want a Shock weapon to break his Shield, and a Corrosive weapon to kill him. Rocket Launchers that are not.

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/r/Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. I can't even get CLOSE to killing it because of all the Badasses it keeps spawning .. Just shoot warden in the eye but focus on who's damaging you first is the best advice I can give.