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Most of the time when you look down a shotgun bore everything looks pretty darn good. The bore is generally bright and shiny. It couldn't get.

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Q. I have an older bolt action gauge shotgun that is tube fed and has a short barrel. I am planning to refinish it and make it a snake gun for my dad.

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I don't care for the Hoppe's BoreSnake for cleaning rifles, but it's my favorite tool for swabbing out shotgun barrels. Just make sure the snake is clean, and be.

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I have seen videos on people polishing barrels and parts of a gun using sandpaper (medium to super fine) and then polish mothers or other.

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Most gun barrels are coated in a bluing agent that turns deep blue or black. This finish of the barrel. Make sure to saturate all areas of the metal with gun oil.

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March 03, • "Deep Cleaning" a Shotgun Barrel It should be shiny and bright. *This is done to make it easier to clean the barrel.

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Q: The stock and fore-end wood on my year-old gun have gone very dull. What sort of oil should I use to restore the shine? restoring shine on.