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ive used avision ahead: full face shield, cheap visor, and their more expensive visor. all fogged. i also use shampoo, and lemon pledge.

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All the refs use it, cheap, easy to find and keep in your bag. . No fogging problems during my shifts, so I just hold the visor up for a little on the.

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So I play with a half visor and it will often fog up a little on the bench, but clear quickly You're not skating fast enough to keep up the airflow.

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I checked out a few different forums and read advice from motorcycle enthusiasts, SCUBA divers, other hockey players, and more. Several.

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All college and minor level hockey players are required to wear a visor as part of their facemask. This is for safety reasons, as masks with visors significantly.

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I wear glasses and a full visor when playing hockey. Does anyone know of any way to prevent the visor and (especially) my glasses from fogging up? Does any .

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That's what I use for both my bike and hockey visor. I think it's a balance of just enough soap to keep it from fogging but no so much that it's.

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There are streaks in the shield when not fogged, and they became It does well to keep the fog away, but vision is blurred and ultimately.