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The year is nineteen eighty-seven, however the year is pronounced two thousand and three. My question is how do you say

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How to Say Years in English. How do Let's take the year for example. Most people would (1) two thousand thirteen (2) two thousand and thirteen.

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Say this out loud: How did you say it? "Twenty fourteen" or two-thousand and fourteen?" For the past decade, according to CNN polling.

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NASA is projecting that asteroid TX68 should fly by from March 5 to March 8 . It will be the second time the asteroid has come near Earth.

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Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, - Event Archive . Asteroid TX68 was discovered by the NASA-funded Catalina Sky PMNASA has revealed that its Mars rover named Opportunity has been pronounced dead.

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An asteroid as long as a basketball court will give Earth a close shave next month .