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Continuing with our recent theme of giving our customers more and more convenient ways to discover and purchase movies, the VUDU Movie.

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If you like to stream movies and TV shows but don't want to pay a monthly VUDU also offers special rental and purchase pricing on a.

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When I purchase a movie from Vudu(not rent) how does the movie get You can also download your Vudu movies to your devices for offline.

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Vudu, the movie and TV streaming service owned by Walmart, What you can't do is rent or buy anything directly from the on-screen app.

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Best of all, VUDU is backward compatible. If you purchase a 4K movie and want to watch it on your computer, tablet or old television, the service will play the.

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Vudu is a streaming service you have probably heard of, but maybe never Known as Instawatch, this feature applies to movies purchased at.