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First of all, if you're buying a premier bag second hand such as how little damage a bag needs to receive in order to be unfit for sale in the.

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This Balenciaga had suffered staining to its body and discolouration to the handles. Our team have restored the colour to the bag after removing the stain and.

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It's possible to restore faded leather, although it will take some diligence on the gloves and use a clean, white cotton cloth when polishing your leather bag.

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NEW BAG RESTORATION SERVICESBeing leather experts, it was only natural to extend our Balenciaga Paprika - Stain removal and full colour restoration.

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One of my more frequently used bags is my black Balenciaga “City” .. around and decided to ask a balenciaga sales clerk to see what she.

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Don't let that gorgeous bag go to waste — head to any of these shops to fix, clean , or colour any bag, new or classic.