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Rebar Tent Stakes: This is a cheap and easy way to make heavy duty tent or Once you have the cap in place you can weld it to the rebar from the back side.

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Mar 17, Heavy-duty tent stakes make a reliable tent that can withstand the outdoor elements. But if you don't have any welding materials at home like most people , Also, a stake made of rebar is easy to yank out of the ground and.

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Using inferior or insufficient tent stakes can mean a disaster for your outing. My long ones are pieces of 3/8" steel rod 12” long with a tab welded on the end.

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Stake down fence in rocky soil with rebar ground stakes from Available in multiple sizes to accommodate your yard fence.

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Jul 30, For smaller items, the metal stakes in the camping section are great. . Go find yourself a welder, and weld a ring to the top of the rebar.

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Buy Yard Tuff YTFRSPK 3/8" x 18" Rebar Stakes, 12 Pack: Garden Gray Bunny GB Galvanized Steel Tent Stakes, Multiple Pack Sizes, Solid Steel Tent .. I just received these 3/8" rebar stakes with the welded ring top.

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Jan 27, Hi Guys I will be spending a week camping in the Tankwa Karoo later in April this year. I need to have rebar pegs made to hold down a LARGE army style To bend and weld can be done DIY, or your local welding shop.

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Oct 23, Rebar can be welded with a small MIG machine. I just repaired a tent stake for a friend. Now if you read this correctly, you should be asking.

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Feb 9, Rebar Tent Stakes This is the first project I give a raw beginner. It involves several of the basic operations: drawing out, tapering, bending.

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Mar 12, tent stakes (they held better in the playa dirt [can it be considered .. stakes from 1/2" steel round stock with a big 1" or so nut welded to the top.