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Floor Metal & Detachable Magazine Conversion Kits The new skeletonized latch located on the front of the trigger guard works in conjunction with the robust .

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Brownells is your source for H-S PRECISION at Brownells parts and H-S PRECISION Parts. (30 items) LONG ACTION DETACHABLE BOTTOM METAL.

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Lapua 5 Round Extra XL Magazine +$ minor or no fitting on Remington SPS stock; no fitting on H-S Precision stocks; no fitting on Manner's stocks.

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stocks for the Remington , Savage , Howa , Winchester 70 and more. takes AI and Accurate Mag single stack Win & Lapua (non CIP) magazines. H-S Precision Pro-Series Steel DM Bottom Metal Trigger Guard Assembly Upgrade your Savage Varmint / Tactical rifle to the popular CDiPrecision.

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Full-Featured $ APC Tactical Rifle from Howa .. Stiller's Precision offers detachable bottom metal systems that utilize both magazines. Lapua Magnum: AICS 5-rd, AW 5-rd, AX rd . a 5-round detachable box magazine, HS Precision fiberglass stock with aluminum V-block, 26″ heavy fluted.

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HS Precision stocks are well known in the bolt action rifle world. I hold the stock in a rubber-jawed vise, push the bottom metal into place (in.

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I offer detachable bottom metal for Howa Short action FN-SPR Rifles Run AI / or Win Mag or Lapua Mags in your Springfield 03A3 Rifle.

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Items 1 - 19 of 19 Remington Detachable Mag Bottom Metal (DBM) at Pacific Tool and REMINGTON LONG ACTION (LA) STEALTH LAPUA CIP.

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These are the most popular detachable magazines in precision shooting. box magazines and bottom metal, but I personally use them and haven't had any issues with them at all. XL Action ( Lapua), *″, ″.

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CDI a maker of tier one DBM bottom metal is offering a JULY special buy their Weatherby Vanguard and VAnguard II Rifles(Same as Howa ). Remington Long Action ( WM, Lapua, CIP Mag box is available) . Does their kit fit on the Rem 5R with HS Precision stock?.