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[Archive] timing chain rattle on cold start Hardbody Forum (D21) , PM. All of the trucks do it at least the ka24e does.

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He just put some STP in, which was what he did in his other Hardbody (which now has K on the engine, and has been rattling on startup.

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I'm experiencing timing chain rattle/slack on start up in the cold. The KA24E engine would also encounter jumped timing in some cases when.

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I have that loose metal rattling sound when I start my truck and it's cold. year they switched, but my 91 KA24E had just plastic timing chain guide/tensioner.

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I have noticed lately when startimg the saturn cold it rattles for a couple seconds. On the saturn 's, usually the timing chain rattling was an indicator that its time to get new This is common on Nissan KA24 engines also.

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a KA24E L. I just changed the timing chain, tensioner,guides,and oil pump. when cold and let me know how high it gets at idle, do not rev the engine.