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A naval mine is a self-contained explosive device placed in water to damage or destroy surface Mines can be laid in many ways: by purpose-built minelayers, refitted ships, submarines, or aircraft—and even by . It was also during World War I, that the naval mine sunk its largest vessel ever, the British hospital ship, HMHS.

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The North Sea Mine Barrage, also known as the Northern Barrage, was a large minefield laid . The WWI Mine Memorial on Boston Common (Massachusetts, USA) The mine barrage required multiple missions, called "excursions", laying .

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The most basic type of sea mine is detonated when a ship brushes up are very sensitive about anything that gives off any type of magnetic.

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Send comments regarding this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection New York Harbor mining, naval mines, sea mines, submarine mine, littoral . struck a World War I era mine in April of in the Persian Gulf and nearly broke in .. As far as disruption to the greatest number of people.

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Mine: Mine, in military and naval operations, a usually stationary explosive device In World War I the mine was the most effective antisubmarine weapon. mines, which can kill or wound soldiers upon exploding into many small fragments.

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"America's Use of Sea Mines" Figures 1 through 11 were taken. . people, defining these as people who do not wish to commit suicide. mines were planted during World War I by all parties, and over ships were sunk or many both had great fleets, but did not actually have battle contact sufficient to.

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Some press reports have suggested the possibility that a World War II sea mine may have been responsible for the explosions that caused the.

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Mines would have to be anchored three times deeper and over a greater distance than any previous naval minefield. While the Royal Navy.

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Today's post is from Ryan Moore, a Cartographic Specialist in the Geography and Map Division. During World War I, Germany laid more than.

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The naval mine has been a mainstay of modern warfare. Navy and Royal Navy between Scotland and Norway during World War I southward advance of the North Korean People's Army and needed troops . More than twice that many UN mine clearance ships were damaged by mines or shore fire.