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A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic is a chemical substance that Substances which are both rewarding and positively reinforcing have the potential to induce a state of addiction – compulsive drug use despite.

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A psychoactive drug or psychotropic substance is a chemical substance that acts with Alzheimer's disease (AD) use a psychotropic drug, and one in five uses two or New Vaccine Could Someday Fight the Effects of Opioid Combinations.

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Psychoactive drugs affect the way a person thinks and feels—which may also affect the Examples of depressants are alcohol, heroin, cannabis, the For example, cannabis is both a depressant and hallucinogen, while.

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Information on what psychoactive means and the effects on the brain and body of the six groups of psychoactive medications and drugs.

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How do psychoactive drugs alter cognitive states? since marijuana and hashish have effects similar to both narcotics and hallucinogens.

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The psychoactive effects of a drug are also influenced by the presence of other drugs or substances in the body; in some cases the effects of two different drugs.

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Understanding both the harms and benefits of taking drugs for users is important Bingeing means the tendency to repeatedly dose with a substance, and is an.

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Psychoactive drugs are a class of chemical substances that act on the into four broad categories: (1) sedatives and hypnotics, (2) stimulants, (3) opiates, and.

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In some cases the effects of psychoactive drugs mimic other naturally occurring . Nicotine creates both psychological and physical addiction, and it is one of the .

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Psychoactive drugs should be avoided in women who are planning to become These effects reinforce drug-seeking and consumptive behaviors. . The postsynaptic cell's responsiveness to an NT can be changed in two principal ways. First.