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For both Japanese students and workers, lunch marks a time of rest and do Japanese people spend their lunch break and what do they eat?.

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An introduction to some typical Japanese meals, including rice cakes, gohan, miso soup, What Do People Eat for New Year's in Japan?.

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I was in Japan for several weeks many years ago, traveling with a local During that trip when we needed to take food with us for lunch while.

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School lunches are just important in Japan as they are in the U.S. What does Japanese school lunch like? Here are ten days of Japanese school lunch.

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Ever wonder what foods everyday Japanese eat to stay so healthy and thin? Noodles are a standard component of Japanese meals and can.

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A traditional Japanese breakfast is very nutritious and delicious with a morning meal that almost always includes rice, fish, vegetables and fruit.

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Ever wondered what Japanese people have for breakfast? Take a look to see what the Japanese eat for breakfast and it'll give you an insight.

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The Japanese tend to eat lunch in the form of rice, noodles, seafood and beef served in bowls or bento boxes. While food is served in bowls at home or in.

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What do Japanese people eat for breakfast? A traditional Japanese breakfast, like in the picture, might contain grilled fish, rice, miso soup, and Japanese pickles.

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Of all the meals, a typical Japanese breakfast is perhaps what . If you had to choose one of the above breakfasts to eat, which would it be?.