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Among the factors to consider when choosing a surge protector – how many outlets, the optimal cord length and options such as protection for.

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You know protecting your electronics from surge damage is important, but what But first, let's dive deeper into what the hell “Joules” means.

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Energy absorption/dissipation - This rating, given in joules, tells you how much energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails. A higher number indicates.

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If a product has 1, joules of protection, that means it can take ten joule hits, or one 1, joule hit. Generally, the more joules the better.

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Shopping for a surge suppressor recently, I've found a great deal of variety in their specifications. For example, many surge suppressors sport a.

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what is the minimum joule rating you use? I know it's probably not joules .. 50, amps means voltage during a surge is lower.

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What does Joule mean in surge protection and why is it important? Here's a simple definition of Joule and all the info you need to protect your home.

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Your computers, network equipment, servers, surveillance equipment, phone system and general office electronics are a big part of your.