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In the 25 years since Power Rangers first began, it’s only skipped adapting the current Super Sentai series three times. Now, for its season, Power Rangers is going back and bringing one of them to western audiences: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Set in the future, a secret.

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Enter a Morphinominal New Era of Power Rangers With the First Trailer for Beast Morphers. For the first season of the show under Hasbro’s watch, however, Power Rangers is reaching back into the recent past—and we’ve got an early look. Just debuted at the Power Rangers Super.

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Power Rangers Megaforce was the next season of Power Rangers. The season celebrated the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers in This initiated a.

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The second season began the annual tradition of the Power Rangers acquiring new Zords to battle enemies when they grow to.

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Created by Haim Saban and launched in as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, each new season of the series has changed its name and.

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers airs on Nickelodeon in ! Here's everything we know about the new season.