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There are two main surgical options: (a) Trapeziectomy. This is the most common form of surgery and involves a complete removal of the trapezium.

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commonly affected by arthritis. A trapeziectomy is the removal of this bone. Recovery. Two weeks after surgery your plaster can be removed and replaced with a.

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The surgery, called a Trapeziectomy, involves removing a small bone (one of eight which form the wrist) called the trapezium. This is situated at the base of the .

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A trapeziectomy can relieve the pain and so improve how your thumb works. Your surgeon may construct a ligament to connect the thumb to your wrist using a .

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During a trapeziectomy, Hand Surgeon Rebecca Ayers gently removes the cause of your pain: the small bone at the base of your thumb (the trapezium).

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A trapeziectomy takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Your arm may be numbed using a regional anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic may be used. Your surgeon.