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DIRECTV professional installers pick out the best location to set up your satellite dish. There are several different satellite dishes, which range in size from 18 to.

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No, an 18" dish is not capable of receiver HD signals. The Slimline dish is approx . 32 across by 28 tall. however you HOA CANNOT tell you not.

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I used to have Dish Network, and that dish The new Directv Slimline Dish that was installed in my home is much larger than the dish

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This Directv Satellite Dish Picks up DIRECTV Satellite. .. Came with a decent size bend (sorta looks like a tiny speed bump in the middle of the dish).

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The DirecTV Slimline Dish is a relatively recent addition to DirecTV's collection of HD-enabled satellite dishes. A DirecTV Slimline Dish is roughly 18” tall and 22”.

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Our guide to DIRECTV dish types can help you find the right choice just by looking at the DIRECTV satellite dish you have on the roof. These are the proper dish.

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To receive HD service, a newer DIRECTV Slimline Dish is required. There are six different DIRECTV dishes, which range in size from 18″ round to 36″ x.

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Like its competitors, DirecTV offers high-definition such as the H20 as well as the 5-LNB Ka/Ku dish. DirecTV.