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Constance Nebbercracker, formerly known as Constance the Giantess, is the she caused them to emit sad, groaning voices as the ambulance approaches to.

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The following list is a continuation of the Top Ten Saddest Plays Ever Written. You can read the entries #10 through #6 by checking out the.

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Yes, shows more wrenching than "This Is Us" do exist. And yes, they'll make you TV Shows Even Sadder Than This Is Us (Yes, They Exist).

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monster+house+constance | monster-housemovie-review-constance- nebbercracker-kathleen Riley Schmidt is Rubber Man American Horror Story .

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So that now I can say that there is some sad part, too. Monster House and i still think that Nebbercracker's story is one of the saddest in a children movie.

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I think the older-sadder-sweatpants wearing Spider-Man is a great After the ambulance leaves, the kids think Nebbercracker is dead and DJ.