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Whole-school evaluation (WSE) is a process of external evaluation of the published a Procedure for Review of Inspections on Schools and Teachers ( ).

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Communicating the school self-evaluation process to the school community. 41 . External evaluations, in particular whole-school evaluations, take note of.

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Whole-School Evaluation-Management, Leadership and Learning The school self-evaluation process gives schools a means of identifying and addressing.

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Enhancing quality in primary schools. Whole-school evaluation (WSE) is a process of external evaluation of the work of a school carried out by the.

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The Handbook - An introduction to Whole-School Evaluation Policy describes the principles and practices for Click here for the DBE School Self Evaluation Instrument. The WSE Policy . The process reviews the following four Domains.

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A whole-school evaluation of management, leadership and learning . procedures within the school, as outlined above, it should now however consider, in its.

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Both school and teacher evaluation processes have been given process, Whole School Inspection eventually became Whole School Evaluation, and.

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SUMMARY OF WHOLE SCHOOL EVALUATION REPORT The school's self- evaluation process and capacity for school improvement. 1. Quality of school.